Ocoos Announces Game Changing Update to its Internet Marketing Platform

Dr. Rahul Razdan

10/22/2014 03:47 AM
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Ocala, FL :    After a very successful launch with the initial product in Q114 (Ocoos Product Launch),  Ocoos announces the release of the second generation of its platform.  Key features in Ocoos 2.0 include:


  1. Website Customization:   Massive improvements in the ability of customers to customize their website pages with high definition graphics while Ocoos maintains the ability to port to all the standard browsers and device types.

  2. Payments:  An ability to handle new payments structures focused on services (deposit/post-pay, pay-on-service-completion).  A powerful discount manager which can be used for demand generation as well as a tool to determine effectiveness of advertising spend.  Finally, enabling customers to use their paypal merchant account while integrated in the Ocoos environment.  In the PayPal flow, Ocoos drops its 4.99% transaction fee and just charges a $10/month flat fee.

  3. Concierge Services:   Ocoos has built the capability to build/manage their internet marketing capability with setup fees as little as $300 and maintenance fees as little as $35/month.


Finally, Ocoos announces a breakthrough technology to bring referrals online with its patented B2B Networking capability (Ocoos B2B). With this capability, business owners can interlock marketing efforts easily.  For example, a wedding planner may recommend a florist, limousine service, and local hotel. With Ocoos B2B,  these recommendations are visible to the customer thus leading to crowdsourcing of marketing effort as well as a propagation of trust to the whole group.  Similar groups can be built in a number of fields ranging from real-estate to tourism.


“Ocoos 2.0 is a massive leap in functionality for the small business owner, and a game changer for the industry.  Relative to the alternatives, Ocoos can offer an internet marketing solution which can provide them insurance against technological shifts (details), capability to handle the complexities of  services (details), and finally, an ability to band together with trusted partners (details),”   said Richard Feehan, VP of Sales and Marketing for Ocoos.


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