Ocoos Review: FloridaTrend, the biggest business magazine in Florida, recommends Ocoos for small businesses. ​ Ocoos was reviewed and is proudly one such business that can help small business owners to automate marketing efforts and boost sales

Rahul Razdan

09/20/2016 16:56 PM
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FloridaTrend, the biggest business magazine in Florida, recently published a review on several services for small business owners. In the review, it was recommended the companies that can help small business owners to automate marketing efforts and boost sales. Ocoos was reviewed and is proudly one such business that the review mentioned. 

We quote the Ocoos review here: 


It was a mechanical marvel in 1912, and automated! The Automat in New York City served up fresh food that was hardly touched by human hands.

The idea was revolutionary at the time -- just feed a dime or two into a machine and in a few seconds simple, pre-made sandwiches popped out. A minimum of human intervention, that saved time and money, for the restaurant and the diner.

Isn’t automation wonderful!

Today, we have robo-advisors that are quickly replacing active money managers and aircraft flying on autopilot. Cars, too. although I’m not sure autonomous automobiles are quite ready for prime time.

How about marketing and selling automation? Not long ago I wrote that innovative technology should help your business, not burden it. That goes for automation too.

Yet, this may seem counterintuitive. Doesn’t it make sense that if we could just program our marketing and selling with the right parameters and slap that into autopilot mode we’d be set? Not entirely.

The right marketing and selling automation solution can indeed offer an advantage to a resource-strapped company. Using automation tools will enforce lead follow-up and increase conversions. And they can help a startup sell like a big brand.

The missing ingredient is often the human element. Because automation can’t do anything on its own. We’ll, it can -- however the results of pure autopilot mode will sound robotic and won’t be pretty.

Here’s how to improve your automation process with a human touch.

Focus on simple automation processes and initiatives. It all too easy to assume your business needs to get a subscription to a big name automation platform that “does it all” or ultra focused on a specific task. Aside from the crushing monthly costs, these are complex platforms that require in-depth training, as well as considerable skill to manage and use. Keep it simple by concentrating on a few major thrusts -- such as remarketing to current customers, nurturing new leads, and referral optimization -- while personalizing for your audience. 

Ocoos helps smaller companies automate and customize their most important core online marketing processes. They have managed to provide small and mid-sized companies with an easy to use marketing and selling automation tool in a cost-effective web platform, with a touch of Fortune 500 sophistication. Ocoos has integrated customer relationship management functions into their website builder with a twist; true data mining capability. This, plus their concierge service make sure that humans are involved, providing the right perspective and focus.

You can find the full Ocoos Review here

It is Ocoos's pleasure to have a business authority like FloridaTrend review and recommend us for small business owners. We will continue our mission of democratizing Fortune 500 technologies to small business owners.

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