Ocoos Review: Frost & Sullivan Features Ocoos as One of Three Top Picks Worldwide Leader in Consulting Highlights Ocoos for Enabling Successful eCommerce for Small Businesses

Dr. Rahul Razdan

09/07/2016 16:54 PM
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Frost & Sullivan, the leader in growth consulting with more than 40 offices worldwide, now features Ocoos as top three “Buyer's Guide Top Picks” for enabling successful eCommerce for small businesses. You can find the full Ocoos Review here

This review is an independent confirmation not only of the services Ocoos provides, but the strongest validation – from the strongest study in the field – concerning the Ocoos value statement for small business owners.

"Ocoos offers consulting concierges who can build turnkey sites for companies. Ocoos than ports to the various desktop and mobile platforms automatically. It keeps its sites updated for technology changes... this approach eschews the need to fill out complex templates found in other platforms," said Brandon Read the lead analyst of consulting industry for the review. 

"We are grateful to be reviewed and recommended by world-class consulting firm with deep research credentials as a top pick for the small business market. The Frost review outlines very well the structure of the industry and the strengths/weaknesses of the current solutions. We are glad that our key values around technology insurance, concierge service, enablement for services as well as products, marketing automation, and accelerating referrals were recognized by the Frost team "   said Dr. Rahul Razdan, CEO Ocoos.