Ocoos Review: The Huffington Post recommends Ocoos for small businesses. ​ Ocoos was reviewed and is proudly one such website service that will build you a site that is specifically tailored towards your service business.

Rahul Razdan

09/13/2016 21:30 PM
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The Huffington Post recently published a review on several website builders for small business owners. In the review, it was recommended the companies that fit small business owners of different personalities. Ocoos was reviewed and is proudly one such business that the review mentioned. 

We quote the Ocoos review here: 

Personality Traits: No-nonsense, Business savvy, Practical, Smart, Function over form, Professional, Connected, Driven, Purposeful

Berenice has been hired to find the best website builder out there for her client’s service business. She wants something that can be professionally set up, but will not cost her client thousands of dollars. Most importantly, it needs to be provide the information and services needed, without unnecessary bells and whistles that just make things more complicated. Ocoos is exactly what Berenice is looking for. For an upfront design fee of only $300-$400 Ocoos will build her a professional looking site that is functional and professional, but not too frilly. Her client’s customers will be able to get on, find pertinent information, set up quotes/appointments, and select a variety of billing options specific to service businesses (certain percentage upfront, payment plans, etc). For only $35/month, Ocoos manages and updates the site as needed, which is perfect for her client who does not have time to manage a website.

If you are a looking for a website builder that will build you a site that is specifically tailored towards your service business, then Ocoos will get the job done, just like it did for Berenice’s client.

You can find the full Ocoos Review here

It is Ocoos's pleasure to have a business authority like The Huffington Post review and recommend us for small business owners. We will continue our mission of democratizing Fortune 500 technologies to small business owners.

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