Will the Small Business Community Embrace DIY Website Builders? Why DIWM is the answer

Dr. Rahul Razdan, CEO Ocoos

08/02/2015 18:39 PM
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If you haven't yet heard of DIWM, trust us -- you will. Soon to overshadow DIY systems, DIWM stands for "Do It With Me." The idea behind DIWM is that unlike DIY systems, when small businesses launch a website, they are not left to go it alone. A DIY website builder leaves you to create your website from start to finish without support -- even if you have no prior web developer experience. On the other hand, a website building platform with a DIWM approach will include both software and services.

Why would you want a DIWM solution over DIY? Think, for moment, about creating business cards. When a small business needs cards created, they can design the cards themselves, create a fancy logo, buy special paper and a high-end printer, designing and and printing them on their own. That doesn't sound so bad, does it?

Perhaps it sounds manageable … until you realize that you're not a professional designer. Suddenly you realize that the logo you designed is ugly, and it appears off-center on the business card. You might also be surprised to learn that the paper you've chosen to print your cards on is too thin. The ink bleeds through to the backside, and the cards wrinkle and tear easily. Then, when you go to print, you realize that you've run out of ink, or that the printer malfunctions. Suddenly, you've got a real problem on your hands. Your task has turned into a nightmare.

Similarly, when you try to build a website using a DIY builder, you will most likely run into a world of complicated problems. Your builder might not incorporate tools you need, or you won't know how to execute important software updates, or fix issues when they arise.

Instead, DIWM

To return to our previous analogy, rather than take a DIY approach, small business owners have a much simpler solution to their business card brouhaha: they can use an online service like Moocards, that helps you choose your logo, font, and paper, and prints your cards for you. You are still maintaining control over the appearance of your cards, but someone else is doing the quality assurance for you.  

Similarly, with a DIWM website building solution, you will have access to the software and tools you need to build your website, but you will also be given access to professionals who can help you do as much or as little of the heavy lifting -- even building your website for you. The best part? You will always have access to your website to make edits or changes any time that you want.

Once such website builder is Ocoos, an off-the-shelf platform solution. Ocoos was created to meet the needs of small business owners, and its platform incorporates features and tools that are invaluable to small business owners. For example, Ocoos offers integration of multiple payment options, like PayPal, and also offers appointment scheduling tools with automatic reminders, and calendars, as well as integration of contact management and CRM tools.

If any questions or issues arise throughout the process, Ocoos offers its customers 24-hour, US-based phone and online support.

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