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About Us

About Us

Owen & Associates is a family-owned and operated company, owned by Kelly Owen McCall and Shelly Owen.   Our firm has been providing reporting services in civil and criminal proceedings since 1992, in both the State and Federal courthouses, and served as the Official providers locally from 1992 through 2011.

Kelly Owen McCall is a Registered Professional Reporter through NCRA and a Florida Professional Reporter through FCRA.  She has served on the Board of Directors for FCRA and currently serves on various FCRA committees.  She is a full-time reporter with the firm, reporting since 1984.

Shelly Owen acts as our office manager.  She has served as President, Legal Pad editor and Education Seminar Chairperson in the Marion County Legal Support Association, along with Kelly, conducting seminar classes on how attorneys can most efficiently utilize stenographic reporters and control their costs.

No Out-of-Town Corporate Headquarters.  Although we offer statewide/nationwide referrals to some of the most prestigious reporting firms in the state and nation, our clients have the flexibility and personal service that only comes from a non-corporate local firm.  This allows for last-minute service changes, questions answered on local practice and procedure, and ease in billing.

  • NCRA Ethics First Firm 
  • State/National Certification 
  • Certified Videographers